OS: Windows 7,  Windows 8,  Windows 8.1,  Windows 10
Monitor: 1024x768 or more resolution.

* It can only be used in one of the facilities tha had you registered at the time of purchase.
* Cannot install on Windows RT 8, Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 10 S.

We provide a trial version of the product, or more information.

Please contact us from this form.

We will contact you within a few days.

Cephalo Analysis
By easy measurement store setting, it can be obtained immediately analysis results.

Measurement item is fully customizable, and can cope with almost all of the analysis.

PA analysis and model customization of analysis is also possible.
Image Management
Intraoral photos and facial photos can be managed in a time series for each patient.

The captured image is easily available in the report and set photos.

Video, corresponding to the file format such as a document file.
Easily it can be explained to patient on the screen of PC in the slide show and viewer.

The original report in Report Builder, you can create on the set photo template.
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