EV Report – Reporting system  Observe our approach to composing and communicating radiology reports in a fast and comfortable way.

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DICOM Viewer 

Interpretation by performing various operations on the image.

Using DICOM Viewer enables image interpretation by changing image size and windowing for easy viewing.

You can view previously taken images, compare them with other images and keep track of the changes in the patient's condition.

 It's very convenient since it is not only capable of viewing image , but also of measuring the length, area , and body fat of the specified range.



Import DICOM files from external storage (CD/USB) into PACS.(Picture archiving and communication system)  Import non-DICOM images, scanned documents, and photographs into PACS(Picture archiving and communication system).


Changing Preferences and Privileges.


- MPR (Multi Planar Reconstruction).

- Curved MPR MPR (Multi Planar Reconstruction).

- MRA   (Magnetic Resonance Angiogram).

- MIP and MinIP (Maximum intensity projection/Minimum intensity projection).

- Fusion.


- Define a default preferable layout of images.

- Navigate previously viewed studies.

- Synchronized paging.


-Save/View status saved file.

- Saving as a JPEG/BMP format, Movie.

- Creating slides using PowerPoint.

- Write CD/DVD.

- Teaching File.

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Mammo Viewer 

An application used to display mammography images from the DICOM Viewer 




Original Size, Life Size, WW/WL(Window Width / Window Level), Tone Curve, Black and White Inversion, Magnify, Auto Vertical Offset, Masking, Distance Measurement, Zoom


Images of US (Ultrasound ) , CT (Current Transformer) , and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)  can be displayed on the same screen with mammography.


Protocol setting by each log-in user is really easy. You can also configure it to a dedicated keyboard.


Tomosynthesis is also supported. When you want to view the still  static images in detail, you can view them from different angles in 3D images


The EV Insite M and EV Insite R screens can be displayed side by side. Related images can be viewed as references such as viewing mammography images along with ultrasound images.

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Mobile Viewer

All images viewable on PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) can be viewed on tablet devices and a smartphone as well.



Images are 8-bit JPEG, but they are converted from DICOM images on a real-time basis, so you can change WW/WL (Window Width / Window Level).


Paging / Panning / Zooming / Measurement / Windowing / Black and White Inversion / Full screen / Synchronized.


Hospital staff can request urgent interpretation by sending an email containing URL of images stored on hospital PACS. (Picture Archiving and Communication System).


We have software  refer to images outside hospital . When you  need to look at some images while attending a conference.

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